Waipū activity zone, Waihoihoi River Park

An image showing the new Waipu Skatepark at Waipu Activity Zone.

The Waihoihoi River Park has a renewed playground, a new skatepark, parking on-site and public toilets nearby.

A wheelchair swing has also been installed.

The park is located in central Waipū and is within easy walking distance of town.

An image of the renewed Waipu playground at Waihoihoi River Park.

Dogs are prohibited on the children's play area but are allowed on-leash on the other side of the bridge (towards the town centre).

There may be some known and potential hazards that users should be aware of and avoid.

Known hazards - Waipū Caves and Council reserves

Future improvements

We are working with the community on the construction of a basketball half court. It is funded and led by the community.


Waihoihoi River Park, 54 The Centre, Waipu 0510  View Map

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