Waimahanga Walkway Bridge

Waimahanga walkway is a series of quite easy walks on the edge of the Onerahi township. 

Boswell's Track follows the course of a disused railway line which was the link between the former wharf at Onerahi, where quarried limestone was one of the products brought ashore, and the Port Road area of Whangārei. 

A 300 metre timber bridge across the harbour, called the Gull Roost, linked the two during its years of operation between 1911 and 1933. A 10 metre lifting span allowed boats to pass through. The track surface is level, metalled and accessible for most people. 


The most usual start point is at the end of Waimahanga Road which can be reached by car.
Waimahanga Road is a no exit road and there is public car parking at the end of it, and also at Waverley Street and Cockburn Street.

What to expect

  • These tracks are all-weather and accessible to most.
  • However, the George Point Road Link does have a large number of steps.
  • The walkway passes through an inter-tidal zone dominated by mangroves, and the associated wildlife is of special interest.
  • Circular walks are possible using the streets of Onerahi as links.

Boswell's Track

Grade:         2
Time:           45 minutes (one-way)
Distance:     2.5 km

From the northern end of Waimahanga Road, Boswell's Track changes in character from bush to mangrove. After about 1 kilometre, there is a link to George Point Road. The link to Waverley Street is a 150 metres further on.

The walkway then passes over the George Point footbridge and then a further footbridge before making a left then right turn to emerge onto Cockburn Street.

Waverley Street link

Grade:         2
Time:           20 minutes (one-way)
Distance:     1 km

The Waverley Street Link is well marked from Boswell's Track. It crosses a quaint swing bridge and a number of boardwalks as it follows the edge of the tidal zone between bush and mangroves.

George Point Road link

Grade:         2
Time:           10 minutes (one-way)
Distance:     150 metres

The George Point Road Link is fairly steep with numerous steps to assist the climb. There is a bench at the top to rest and admire views over the harbour.

There is a small recreational reserve to be crossed adjacent to George Point Road


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