Bridge over Waimahanga walkway with two walkers and a dog in the distance.

The Waimahanga walkway is a series of linked harbour-side walks. The main track is popular with walkers, dog-walkers (on-leash), runners and cyclists and forms part of the Onerahi Shared Path.

Boswell's Track follows a disused railway line that ran between the former wharf at Onerahi, and the Port Road area of Whangārei.

Originally, a 300-metre timber bridge spanned the harbour. Nicknamed the Gull Roost, it operated between 1911 and 1933 and a 10-metre lifting portion allowed boats to pass through.


The most usual start point is at the end of Waimahanga Road which can be reached by car.

Waimahanga Road is a no exit road and there is public car parking at the end of it, and also at Waverley Street and Cockburn Street.

What to expect 

  • Tracks are all-weather and accessible to most.
  • The George Point Road Link has a large number of steps.
  • The walkway passes through an inter-tidal zone dominated by mangroves, and the associated wildlife is of special interest.
  • Circular walks are possible using the streets of Onerahi as links.
  • Dogs are allowed on tracks in this area if they are kept on-leash and under control. 

There may be some known and potential hazards that users should be aware of and avoid.

Known hazards - Waipū Caves and Council reserves

Boswell's Track

Grade:         2
Time:           45 minutes (one-way)
Distance:     2.5 km

From the northern end of Waimahanga Road, Boswell's Track changes in character from bush to mangrove. After about 1 kilometre, there is a link to George Point Road. The link to Waverley Street is a 150 metres further on.

The walkway then passes over the George Point footbridge and then a further footbridge before making a left then right turn to emerge onto Cockburn Street.

Waverley Street link

Grade:         2
Time:           20 minutes (one-way)
Distance:     1 km

The Waverley Street Link is well marked from Boswell's Track. It crosses a quaint swing bridge and a number of boardwalks as it follows the edge of the tidal zone between bush and mangroves.

George Point Road link

Grade:         2
Time:           10 minutes (one-way)
Distance:     150 metres

The George Point Road Link is fairly steep with numerous steps to assist the climb. There is a bench at the top to rest and admire views over the harbour.

There is a small recreational reserve to be crossed adjacent to George Point Road


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