Responsible Freedom Camping Ambassador Programme

Responsible freedom camping ambassadors educate freedom campers on  Whangarei’s freedom camping rules.

Our ambassadors visit popular freedom camping sites and help campers to feel welcome and understand the rules.

If a friendly local tells a visitor about where to dispose of rubbish or how long they can stay, they are more likely to follow through. They might also like to talk about fun things to do in the area. 

Our Responsible Freedom Camping Ambassador Programme operates this summer between Friday 16 December 2022 to Monday 6 February 2023, and includes:

  • A friendly education programme to inform campers about Whangārei's expectations of them
  • Monitoring and enforcement initiatives
  • A data collection and reporting system 

Whangārei's most popular freedom camping sites have been identified for Programme roll out during the peak camping season. Now we need friendly locals to help this happen! 

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More information - contacts

For more information on the Responsible Freedom Camping Ambassador Programme, contact:

WDC Responsible Freedom Camping Coordinator
Sue Halliwell
Telephone: 0211488465