Walking and cycling

Photo showing people using bikes on a shared path.

Many trips in Whangarei can be made by walking or riding a bike, and our expanding network of shared paths can even provide shortcuts for the most common routes.  

Shared paths provide a safe, road-separated option for recreational and commuter cycling and walking with the path being shared between cyclists, pedestrians and mobility scooters. 

Bike parking

You can lock a bike in a public place as long as it is out of the way. For best security, it's best to lock the frame and one wheel to a fixed structure such as a lamp-post or bike-parking loop, and use a second lock to secure both wheels.

Do you know of a public destination where a bicycle parking stand is needed? Please contact us and we'll investigate!

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What kind of cycle stand should I install for my business?

Private developers and business owners are encouraged to use this guide in selecting the type of stand most suitable for your employee, visitor and customer needs.

Cycle parking planning and design (Waka Kotahi / NZTA)


Urban Shared Path network 

Keep left when using shared paths, keep to a polite speed and distance when passing people, and please keep to the pavement.

This downloadable, printable map shows the status of the Urban Shared Path network as of 2021.  It includes:

  • Kamo Shared Path
  • Raumanga Shared Path
  • Onerahi Shared Path (Riverside Drive )
  • Hatea Loop
  • Tikipunga Shared Path
  • Proposed shared paths to be built as funding becomes available.

Preview map

Preview image for the Shared Path network map.

Whangārei Urban Shared Paths Map(PDF, 459KB)

Recreational walking and cycling

In addition to the urban network of shared paths there are lots of walking tracks, several bike tracks, and shared paths or mountain biking paths outside of the Whangārei urban area. In addition to this we support some sports and community groups operating in Whangarei.


Future planning 

We are preparing for further growth in walking and cycling for transport. Future urban shared paths are planned for the Limeburners / Otaika area as well as extending the Kamo Shared Path through to Kamo village. We are also developing rural and coastal cycleways connecting Whangārei with Ngunguru and Whananaki in the north; Ruakaka and Waipū Cove in the south; and Whangārei Heads. 

Walking and Cycling Strategy

Currently under construction

  • Tikipunga Cycle Trail stage 2: A Shared Path project funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment from Kiripaka Road near Whangarei Falls, to Vinegar Hill and extension to Bush Haven Drive. Due to be completed mid 2021.
  • Kensington Avenue connection to the Kamo Shared Path: A Shared Path project funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment connecting from the northern side of Kensington Avenue between the Kamo Shared Path and McKay Stadium. Due to be completed July 2021. 


Whangārei to Whananaki

The proposed Whangārei to Whananaki Cycleway incorporates the route from Scow Landing (Memorial Bridge) to Ngunguru, known as the Ngunguru Old Coach Trail, as well as the Tutukaka Coast.

Whangārei to Waipū Cove

The Whangārei to Waipū Cove Route incorporates the existing Waipū to Waipū Cove Walkway. The route will eventually provide a continuous cycleway connecting Whangārei with Auckland, via Mangawhai, Langs Beach, Waipū and Ruakaka.

Whangārei Heads

The Whangārei Heads route will connect our harbour communities and the outstanding landscapes and walkways in this area. The proposed route includes the initial development of a connection from Parua Bay to Mcleod Bay.