Road names and numbering

It is our role to ensure street numbering is in place and to approve names for new public roads, private roads and rights-of-way so that properties have: 

  • accurate addresses
  • can be easily located by emergency services
  • can be serviced for power, mail and telephone.

Paper roads

A paper road is a legal road which Council owns but which hasn't been formed as a road for vehicles. The public is able to use paper roads, but generally only for walking or cycling.

Some paper roads cut across private land and courtesy must be shown to the landowners.

Road stopping

A paper road may never be needed as a formed road, in which case Council can undertake a process to remove the roading designation. This is called 'road stopping'. 

In some cases, Council may offer the adjacent landowner the right to purchase the land.

The road stopping process

Road stopping is publicly notified and the steps to be followed are set out in Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act 1974.

Local Government Act 1974, Schedule 10 (NZ Legislation website)

Road naming

If you are undertaking a development that requires name for a new road, or you wish to name an existing un-named road or re-name an existing road, then please consult our Road Naming Policy which gives guidance on the application process.

Road Naming Policy

If there are other landowners whose addresses will be affected, consultation with them is required.

You will need to ensure that you provide good reasons for selecting the suggested road names so that Council can assess and determine whether any of those road names are appropriate and in accordance with the Road Naming Policy.

Our Road Naming Policy is based on the Australian/New Zealand Standard for Rural and Urban Addressing (AS/NZS 4819:2011).

When you are ready, please use the Road Naming Application form to submit your application:

Road Naming Application(PDF, 78KB)

Road naming process

Step 1.Read the Road Naming Policy

Go through the Road Naming Policy.

Road Naming Policy

Step 2.Submit the application

Submit the Road Naming application with 3 choices for road names that are in accordance with the Road Naming Policy.

Road Naming Application(PDF, 78KB)

Step 3.Processing of application

Council officers process the Road Naming application and refer to Council for adoption.

Council approves or declines the Road Naming application. 

Step 4.Erecting name plate

If approved, it is the developer's responsibility to erect the relevant road sign.

Step 5.Meeting requirements

The Council staff confirms that Resource Consent conditions have been met (if required) by the developer before the title is issued.

Notification of new road name

Emergency providers and external service providers are notified of new road name

Step 6.Allocation of new addresses

Once the name has been approved by Council, new addresses are allocated.

Street numbering provides a unique street address for each property in a logical, consistent manner which:

  • allows for easy identification of a property
  • enables Emergency Services, NZ Post, utilities etc to locate the property quickly and easily.

In rural areas, street addresses may be referred to as Rapid Numbers, Emergency Services Numbers, Rapid Response Numbers or Property Numbers.

Request a street number

You may:

  • pick up a Street Number Request Form from Customer Services in Forum North
  • print the Street Number Request Form, fill it in and then post it or email it to us at

Street Number Request Form(PDF, 66KB)