Plan Change 150: Marsden City Private Plan Change


Private Plan Change 150 by Marsden City Limited Partnership seeks to:

  • delete the Marsden Primary Centre Environment (MPC) Chapter in the Operative District Plan
  • reduce the industrial focus of the MPC towards an increased provision of residential land to support the development of a sustainable and viable town centre
  • propose zones from the current Urban and Services Plan Changes as underlying zones
  • insert a special purpose Marsden Town Centre Zone that is intended to apply to the higher order town centre in the north western portion of Marsden City
  • apply a Marsden City Precinct with provisions aimed at coordinating development with the delivery of transport infrastructure, and a street network that provides for walking and cycling
  • consequential changes to other Chapters of the Operative District Plan, such as Noise and Vibration Chapter.

It is the applicants vision that the plan change will provide a viable and sustainable town centre in the Ruakaka / Marsden Point area which integrates with surrounding commercial, mixed use and residential uses. 


The following documents contain information on the private plan change application, notification, and consultation.


A virtual hearing was held on 27 - 28 October 2021. 

You can view the recorded hearing below.

Virtual hearing recordings (

Due to technical difficulties, parts of the Council's Infrastructure team and Council's response were not recorded. 


The following documents contain information on the recommendations of the hearing panel, and Council’s decision on these recommendations.

Recommendations from the hearing panel and Council's decision