Whau Valley Water Treatment Plant

  • Project typeDevelopment
  • Project value$26.2m for stage 1 plus $2.8m for stage 2 (funded by the DIA)
  • Project scheduleCompleted July 2021
  • Contractor nameVentia
Aerial image of Whau Valley water treatment plant.

The treatment plant began producing water for the network at the end of May 2021 and the old treatment plant was shut down.

A decision has yet to be made about the future of the old water treatment plant and it may become a treated water storage facility in the future.

The new Whau Valley Water Treatment Plant will secure Whangārei's urban water supply for decades to come. The new plant will treat raw water from the existing Whau Valley Dam and the Hatea River.

This will increase the capacity of Whangārei water supply from 15,000 cubic metres processed each day by the existing plant, to 22,000 cubic metres a day. It uses new filtration systems and the latest technology for cleaning, filtering, controlling and monitoring our water supply. 

The new Whau Valley Water Treatment Plant is modern, future-proofed, more robust and will provide greater resilience when it comes to water security. This is especially important considering the growth in our District, and the increased climate challenges.  

Future-proofing our drinking water system is one of the most important things we can do as a Council.

Storm water to clean water

The plant will able to turn brown, silty, dam water into pure drinking water much faster during major storms.

As rain and floodwaters rush down from the hills into the dam they bring all sorts of sediment and debris with them, churning up the dam and turning the water brown and opaque. Water in that condition is more difficult to process than the usual, fairly clear, water taken from the dam.

In usual conditions the existing plant can process 15,000 cubic metres of water a day, but the new plant is designed to process 22,000 cubic metres a day and handle poorer quality water.


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