Waipu activity zone

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An image showing the new Waipu Skatepark at Waipu Activity Zone.

Some members of the local community have been campaigning for an activity zone in Waipu for over 20 years. These community members have formed the Waipu Activity Zone community group and have been working with Council.

The Waihoihoi River Park in central Waipu is within easy walking distance of town, has public toilets nearby, good public visibility and parking.

Upcoming improvements

We are now working with the community on the construction of a basketball half court. It is funded and led by the community.

Waipu Activity Zone plan(PDF, 307KB)

Completed work

A new skatepark and children’s playground has been completed as part of the Waipu Activity Zone work.

A wheelchair swing has been installed. It is partially funded by Children with Disabilities Northland. Playco Playgrounds supplied the equipment and Steve Bowling Construction installed the wheelchair swing and the artificial turf.

RICH Landscapes, a skatepark specialist, was engaged to undertake the consultation and design of the Activity Zone. Construction began in October 2021 and was completed in December 2021. The construction contract was awarded to Steve Bowling Contracting for $234,685.81.

An image of the renewed Waipu playground at Waihoihoi River Park.


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