New water storage tank at Dip Road, Te Kamo

  • Project typeAdditional capacity project
  • Project scheduleConstruction estimated to begin in November 2023
Aerial image showing location of the water reservoir at Dip Road.

We are building a new drinking water storage tank at Dip Road in Te Kamo to increase our stored water supplies for Te Kamo, Tikipunga and Hikurangi.

The new tank will have a storage capacity of 4,280 cubic metres and will double our water storage capacity at the site. 

The detailed design is complete, and construction is estimated to begin before the end of 2023.

The contract to build the water tank includes:

  • earthworks,
  • a 5 metre retaining wall,
  • a concrete water storage tank with a diameter of 28 metres and a height of 8.3 metres
  • pipework and valves.

The new tank is designed to last 100 years. 

Map showing location of new and existing water tank at Dip Road Reservoir.