Mayoral Relief Fund

Our Mayoral Relief Fund provides emergency financial support in response to major disasters that cause significant damage and disruption.

The Mayoral Relief Fund in response to Cyclone Gabrielle closed at 5:00pm on Thursday 6 April 2023.

This was a “last option” fund, for people who have exhausted other sources of funding such as Civil Defence, the Ministry of Social Development, Work and Income, Ministry for Primary Industries, and private insurance.

What the funds can be used for

Disaster relief funds may be used to support and meet the needs of affected individuals, families, community organisations, small businesses and marae.

Examples of how disaster relief funds can be used:

  • dealing with septic tank overflow
  • filling water tanks
  • clearing debris from properties
  • supporting individuals / families faced with hardships as a result of the emergency
  • assisting small businesses impacted by the emergency where appropriate
  • koha to a team or individual who assist in clean up at their expense – for example a local rugby team that helps out
  • refreshments for organisations or individuals who help with clean up
  • replacement of items that cannot be insured – for example fences, footpaths etc.
  • assisting people with basic needs, clothes, bedding etc where the individual / family does not have the capacity to buy their own insurance cover.

Support for loss of income

Loss of income is not supported under the Mayoral Relief Fund. Refer to the following funds for support instead: 

Civil Defence payments (Ministry of Social Development)