Dog Management Policy and Bylaw feedback

Feedback closed at 5:00pm on Monday 31 July 2023.

Action photo of a dog leaving a stream with a stick.

We asked for feedback on the rules for dogs in Whangārei. We are required to review our Dog Management Policy and Bylaw every 10 years.

We collected feedback to inform a new draft Dog Management Policy and Bylaw that we will formally consult on later in 2023. 

It’s important to make sure these meet the needs of the wider community as well as the needs of dogs and their owners. 

What’s included 

Our Dog Management Policy and Bylaw covers a range of issues including:  

  • where you can and can’t take dogs 
  • where dogs are allowed off-leash
  • dog exercise areas (dog parks)
  • beach access rules during summer 
  • nuisance and dangerous dogs 
  • dog welfare. 

Feedback closed at 5:00pm on Monday 31 July 2023. 

What are the current dog rules?

Exercising your dog

A full list of where you currently can and can’t take your dogs can be viewed on our dog exercise page. On and off-leash dog areas are listed by location, as well as areas where dogs are prohibited

Dog access rules

Dogs access on beaches

Information about dog access at coastal areas can be found on our Dogs on beaches page.

Dogs on beaches

Dog Management Bylaw

This bylaw sets the standards of control that must be observed by dog owners. The bylaw also provides the legal basis for Council to enforce the dog access rules in the policy on dogs.  This currently includes:

  • dogs fouling in public places
  • wandering dogs
  • the management of infected dogs
  • nuisances caused by dogs.

Dog Management Bylaw

Dog Management Policy

This policy covers a range of dog control issues some of which are enforced through associated bylaw provisions.  This includes:

  • where dogs are prohibited
  • where dogs are allowed on and off-leash
  • impounding dogs
  • menacing dogs.

Dog Management Policy

Feedback received in first round

More than 500 pieces of feedback have been received following the first stage of our Dog Policy and Bylaw review.

This included:

  • over 300 online submissions,
  • 188 'pins' on the consultation map,
  • more than 40 submissions via email, and
  • people coming to drop-in sessions held at the Central Library

Next steps

Once we have worked through all the issues raised, a final draft policy and bylaw will be prepared for Council to consider in December 2023.

Our plan is to start the formal consultation in February 2024. The aim is to finalise the new policy and bylaw before the end of June 2024.