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District Plan Changes

This page contains a list of all District Plan Changes that are currently in progress.
Updated: 1/10/2018 9:32 a.m.

The District Plan is the 'rule book' that manages land use and subdivision in the District. 

To keep our District Plan up to date we ensure every part of it is reviewed at least every 10 years. 

The process is required under the Resource Management Act (1991) and is called a rolling review.

A Plan Change is when a Council (as part of the rolling review) proposes to change a District Plan that is already being used (an 'operative plan').  Individuals can also request that the Council makes a Plan Change.

Whangarei aerial photo.

Draft Urban and Services Plan Change Package

We are drafting 16 Plan Changes to the Whangārei District Plan as part of the Plan's rolling review.

Pre-notification consultation on this Plan Change Package is now closed. We will review comments and complete the drafting process.

Please click the following link to view more information about this package or to register your interest. 

Urban and Services Plan Change Package website (opens in a new window)

Whangarei Heads aerial photo.

Proposed Rural Plan Change Package

In 2016 Council notified plan changes 85 A-D, 86 A & B, 87, 102 and 114.

These 10 Plan Changes comprised the Rural Area Plan Change Package and introduced new Environments (zones) and Resource Areas (overlays).

As of 5 July 2018 Plan Change 86B Rural (Urban Expansion) Living Environment Zoning has been made Operative, while the other 'Rural Plan Changes' are subject to Appeal

For more information and any updates on the this package, please click the following link.


Other Current Plan Changes 

All the other current District Plan Changes are listed below. Select a title from the column headed 'Change' to link to all the information about that particular District Plan Change.
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134 Change 134: DesignationsFurther Submission period to close 19 December
129 Change 129: Notable and Public TreesHearing Scheduled - 3 December 2018
114 Change 114: LandscapesDecision notified 17 January 2018
102 Change 102: MineralsDecision notified 17 January 2018
100 Change 100: Sites of Significance to MaoriProposal in preparation. Open the general information tab to view the Research Methodology and Plan for Protecting Sites and Areas of Significance.
87 Change 87: Coastal AreaDecision notified 17 January 2018
85, A-D and 86A and B Change 85, A-D and 86A and B: Rural Environment Plan ChangesPC86B became operative 5 July 2018.
85, A-D, 86A and B, 87, 102 and 114 Change 85, A-D, 86A and B, 87, 102 and 114: Rural Area Plan Change Package
88, 109, 115 and 136 Change 88, 109, 115 and 136: Draft Urban and Services Plan Change Package



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