Fees and charges

All the prices for the services provided by Whangarei District Libraries.

All prices are GST inclusive.


It's free to join

Whangārei District residents

Library membership is free for residents and ratepayers.

Membership expires every 2 years when you will need to contact us to update your membership details and reactivate your library card.

Out-of-district residents

Library membership is free for a period of 12 months for:

  • for people living outside the Whangārei District
  • visitors who are living here for a short time, (e.g. students and marina residents).

Membership can be renewed annually.

Lost membership card

It is free to replace a lost library card.

Library loans limits

You can borrow up to a maximum of 30 items per membership card.

Library lending charges

Audiovisual items and puzzles

DVDs: Movie, TV series, children's and general interest (non-fiction)

2 week loan period: free to borrow.  

CDs: Children's, Māori and New Zealand Room

1 week loan period: free to borrow.

Talking books

4 week loan period: free to borrow.

Jigsaw puzzles

4 week loan period: free to borrow.

Interlibrary loans

Loans from New Zealand libraries

  • From a cooperating library: $6.00 per item
  • From a non-cooperating library: at least $19.00 per item
  • Urgent requests: $25.00 to $30.00 per item.

Additional charges from other lending institutions may apply.

Overdue and lost items

Overdue items

There are no charges for items returned after their due date.

Lost items

Replacement value of the item plus $10.00 shelf ready process fee.

Library services charges

Computers and internet


Computers are free to use.

Whangārei Central Library: time limited to 60 minutes.

Kamo, Onerahi and Tikipunga Libraries: time limited to 30 minutes. 

Use My Monitor to book a computer

Library Wi-Fi

Free service. 

Available only during library opening hours.

Library Wi-Fi

Print services

Photocopying and printing

A4 per page
Black and white: 10 cents
Colour: $1.00.

A3 per page
Black and white: 20 cents
Colour: $2.00.


Per page: 10 cents.

3D printing

Set up fee: $2.00

Filament: 20 cents per metre.


A3 per sheet: $4.00

A4 per sheet: $2.00

A5 per sheet: $1.00

Business card size: 50 cents each.

Meeting rooms at Whangārei Central Library

May Bain Room

Standard fees for businesses

  • Booking fee per day: $25.00
  • Plus room hire - per hour or part of: $25.00.

Not-for-profit organisations

  • Booking fee per day: $12.50
  • Plus room hire - per hour or part thereof: $12.50.

Supply refreshments

Tea, coffee, sugar, milk, hot and cold water, paper cups: $12.00.

Audiovisual system hire

CommBox screen, camera and sound system - per booking period: $30.00.

Leonard Room

Room hire - per hour or part thereof: $10.00.

This room is not soundproof.
Audiovisual equipment and refreshments are available with this room hire.

Display cabinets

Display cabinets are available only at Whangārei Central Library.

Cabinet hire per week: $12.50.

Maximum hire period: 2 weeks.