My Account personal information tab

Image of details on my account personal information tab.

This tab has three sections:

Your name and contact details

This section displays your residential address, phone number and email address.

If you see something that is inaccurate or outdated, please contact the library.

Change PIN

Change PIN lets you assign a new Personal Identification Number or password for your library account.

The PIN cannot be more than 10 characters in length - it can be a mix of letters and numerals.


Set up your personal preferences in the Preferences section. You can configure these options:

  • Default My Account Tab lets you select which tab (Personal Information, Checkouts, Holds or Fines & Fees) opens when you log in to your library card account page.
  • Default Checkouts View and Default Holds View: don't change as the 2 views appear as tabs under each section.
  • Preferred Pickup Library lets you select which library branch where you go to pick up holds.
    Select from: Central, Kamo, Onerahi, Mobile or Tikipunga.