Youth survey report 2022

Published on 02 November 2022

An image showing members of the Youth Advisory Group.

Easy ways to get to fun and safe places are top priorities for youth surveyed by Council’s Youth Advisory Group (YAG).

Youth Advisory Group (YAG) designed the questions for the online survey and will use the feedback from the 12- 24 year-olds who took part to guide YAG advice to Council.

Youth Advisory Group (YAG)’s focus is on supporting the development of youth inclusive spaces, promoting youth events and services, increasing youth involvement with Council and advocating for sustainability.

Analysis of the feedback and key recommendations from the 546 young Whangārei people who took part have been covered in a report that has since been presented to Council and is available on our website.

Youth survey report 2022

Youth Advisory Group (YAG) asked Council to work with Northland Regional Council to improve access to public transport, specifically by creating bus routes to more areas in Whangārei (including beaches, rural townships, and popular areas such as Okara) as well as increasing hours and frequency of the buses.

They wanted safety to be increased through environmental design, such as brighter lighting, more surveillance/monitored cameras, and providing spaces that are designed to be safe. Participants would like more entertainment and amenity options, such as a mall and sports infrastructure.

Safe places for youth were also a priority. The Youth Advisory Group want Council to provide a space for young people that breaks away from a traditional youth service approach.

They envisage a space that is inclusive of all, open most of the day, and that has smaller and larger areas so that youth can hang out, study and innovate in smaller groups while still feeling connected to others. The survey report also includes direct quotes from many of the young people who took part, including:

“We have to keep each other safe when we're in town, and sometimes it's really hard to enjoy ourselves when we're fearing for our safety… something that I find comforts me is when security is near.”

“If I could catch I could catch one bus to multiple different neighborhoods instead of having to get off in town and take another bus.”

“When things get a little tough even just getting away from your parents is nice but I can’t do that much because there’s no safe space for me to go.” 

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