Tikipunga - Kamo path grows

Published on 29 June 2022

An image showing extension on the Tikipunga Kamo path.

The Upper Hātea Link project has been extended almost half a kilometre further in time for brisk walks along the streamside.

The $66,000 Blue-Green Network Programme project was completed by Plantpro Ltd. It included clearing weeds near Gillingham Road, replacing an old fence with 53 bollards, and installing a 404m long, 2.5m wide shared track from Gillingham Road through the Bush Haven Reserve.

The path passes a right of way off Daviot Place which was upgraded with new concrete path and steps, and connects to the existing track along the Waitaua Stream.

In coming years, the shared path will stretch a full seven kilometres from the Gillingham Road entrance in Kamo to Otuihau, Whangārei Falls, in Tikipunga.

Our Blue- Green Network Programme aims to increase recreation opportunities, boost suburban amenity, and link local communities with waterways and open space.

Blue Green Network programme