Soft Plastic recycling

Published on 19 October 2022

Logo showing soft plastic recycling options.

There are now additional drop off locations for soft plastics in Whangārei.

The Warehouse, Pak N Save and New World Regent join Countdown stores in collecting soft plastics across our District.

While ideally we should be trying to reduce the amount of plastic we consume in our everyday lives, it’s great to have a recycling scheme in New Zealand putting soft plastic to good use through the Soft Plastic Recycling Scheme.

They’ve partnered with Future Post to supply them with soft plastic materials to manufacture fence posts, vegetable gardens and parking bumpers here in New Zealand.

What soft plastic can I recycle?

Soft plastic includes:

  • grocery bags
  • bread bags
  • bubble wrap
  • plastic wrappers of products such as biscuits, chips
  • anything you buy that has a soft plastic sheath.

Even thin foil-like plastic sleeves and packets that some biscuits, chocolate bars, crackers and chips come in are fine to be recycled as well as foiled coffee pouches.

Have a look on the Soft Plastic Recycling website for a full list:

What is not accepted?

  • Compostable bags
  • Bags which are contaminated with food or liquid
  • PVC plastic wrap
  • Biscuit or meat trays
  • Cellophane

Top Tips

  • Look out for the soft plastics recycling label or do the scrunch test (if it can be scrunched into a ball, it’s soft plastic)
  • Make sure plastic is clean, empty and dry
  • When you’ve collected a bag’s worth at home, drop it off at your local collection point
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