Staying safe on our parks and tracks

Published on 01 September 2021

A picture of a mother and a kid enjoy Waimahanga track.

It’s great to get outside to use our paths and tracks.

Here are a few key points to remember:

  • Remember good shared path etiquette and keep out of each other’s way.
  • Go slower if you are on wheels.
  • Walkers, keep an eye out and remember physical distancing.
  • Everyone, take your mask with you and wear it if within 2m of others.

Enjoy the fresh air!

Keep two metres away from others not from your bubble when going for a walk, or a jog or out for a cycle on our District’s shared paths.

Council closes playgrounds to prevent people from picking up viruses from surfaces, but our walkways, cycleways and shared paths, particularly the Waimahanga and Boswell tracks, are very popular at the moment.

That’s a good thing – going for a walk can be a very important stress reliever and mood lifter for people in difficult and uncertain times.

Just remember though, that with a lot more people using these facilities it is important to physically distance and be more careful because of the higher numbers out and about.

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