Roading update after Cyclone - July 2023

Published on 28 August 2023

Heavy machinery during roadworks on Helmsdale Road.

A few spells of fine weather have made July a bumper month for Council roading contractors repairing damage caused by the year’s run of storms.

More than 4200 roading jobs were completed, including:

  • 1748 pothole repairs on unsealed roads,
  • 954 on sealed roads,
  • removal / cleanup of trees on 21 roads,
  • 16 drop-out repairs on 13 roads,
  • 6 over-slip repairs on 6 more roads
  • cleaning out 1351 cesspits,
  • sweeping 380km of kerb and channel, and
  • grading of 206km of unsealed road.

An infographic showing the 4,200 roading jobs that were completed in July 2023, as listed previously.

Whangārei’s Maintenance Lead Tim Ward said phase two of the District’s storm recovery works are rapidly coming to a close.

“In most instances, damages that fit within phase 2 of our recovery programme have been completed, and we are progressing well with the remaining sites that require detailed investigation and design consideration before repairs commence under phase 3.”

He said preparation work for rehabilitations of unsealed roads had started across the District with Millbrook Road in the South, and Bisset Road in the North.

Heavy machinery during repair work on Ody Road.

Pavement construction is underway on Hunter, Franklin and Kohinui Roads, and will continue into August 2023 weather permitting.

“Driven by our unsealed rehab framework, these sites will receive enabling works including drainage improvements and vegetation maintenance some time prior to having their pavements rebuilt, so please don’t be alarmed if it appears that the contractors leave the road “half done”, it’s all under control.”

“It was also fantastic for our contractors to get positive feedback from a couple of our customers. A person from Kotuku Street thanked everyone for sweeping down the street’s new road surface including “hoovering our driveways by hand”. Another thanked the teams for the new bus-stop footpath at Pukenui Estate.”

Image of a fallen tree on Whangarei Heads Road.