Recycling changes on 1 February 2024

Published on 24 January 2024

An image of various containers, green ticks cover a tin can and a milk bottle. Red crosses cover the bottle caps and a spray paint can.

Lids, caps, bottle-tops and spray cans will need to go in the general rubbish from 1 February when new government recycling rules come in.

Small lids are often too small for recycling plant machines to sort. Leaving lids on bottles or containers also traps liquids or food that can contaminate the recycling.

The only exception is lids or caps that are connected to a recyclable container and stay attached. These can be placed in your red recycling bin, so long as the container is left open.

Aerosol cans often still contain flammable or poisonous gases and other chemicals that can escape when the cans are crushed. Very few recycling plants in New Zealand are set up to manage the fumes and risk of fire.

We will still be collecting all rinsed 1, 2 and 5-numbered plastic bottles and containers and tins in the red crate and glass in the blue crate.

To search items and see which bins they should go in, or any other options just visit our disposal guide:

A to Z recycling and disposal guide

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