How to recycle cardboard and paper

Published on 26 October 2022

An image showing paper and cardboard recycling.

There are a few tricks to remember when putting out cardboard and paper products for kerbside recycling in our District.

Do not try to recycle everything

Plastic coated cardboard, like milk or fruit drink cartons cannot be recycled because of the layers of plastic and other non-paper materials they contain. Just flatten them and put them in the rubbish.

Alternatively, if you live near Ngunguru Sport and Recreation Club, there is a drop off point being run by saveBOARD who are collecting cartons and transforming them into building materials.

Save board website

Food contaminated cardboard is not recycled either – so make sure any pizza boxes are clean if you plan to recycle them, otherwise they go into the rubbish too.

Other than that, newspapers, magazines, junk mail, envelopes, flattened cardboard boxes, shoe boxes, cartons, old phone books can all be recycled.

Package up cardboard and paper for recycling

All paper and card should be flattened and placed beside your recycling bins.

You can tie it in a bundle, put in a paper shopping bag, a plastic bag or into a flattened cardboard box, but make sure the whole package is no bigger than your red recycling bin.

If you are putting your paper and card into a box, make sure the box is no bigger than your red recycling bin. Paper and card do not need to be separated from each other, simply separated from other recycling (glass, plastic, metal etc.).

Happy recycling!

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