Clean Zone advice for Rugby World Cup

Published on 21 September 2022

A map showing clean zones for Rugby World Cup.

The flags are up, shops are decorating their windows, our gardens are being spruced and our photo framed fan walk is all in place - there is certainly a buzz of excitement starting as we get closer to kick-off for the women's Rugby World Cup.

And although tidying up our city will certainly be part of our preparation, there is another kind of clean we need to talk about: Clean Zones.

Businesses operating in the area around Northland Events Centre / Semenoff Stadium will already be familiar with the concept. A Clean Zone is an area around the stadium that must be clear of advertising and promotions, sales or street trading and giveaways that aim to cash in on the event but are not part of any official sponsorship deal.

“All the businesses inside the Zone will be able to keep doing what they usually do, using their existing signs and advertising,” said Whangarei District Council Economic Development Manager, Tony Collins.

“Rugby World Cup organisers are encouraging businesses to adopt a country during the month of October. This could be with theming, flags, special drink or menu items, staff T-shirts and match day activities. Countries to adopt include:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • England
  • France
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Wales
  • Japan
  • Scotland
  • Fiji
  • Italy
  • South Africa

“We encourage everyone to be part of the event, but there will be restrictions.

“The aim is to ensure official sponsors, whose funding has helped bring this major event to our country and District, get a fair deal. Without them these events would not be able to go ahead and New Zealand (and our District) would miss out on the benefits of good publicity for our District and visitor dollars.”

The Clean Zone and clean transport routes will be protected by the Major Events Management Act (MEMA) and by enforcement of Council bylaws and the provisions of our District Plan.

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