Opening of new treatment plant with 100% capacity in dam

Published on 31 July 2021

An image showing opening of the new water treatment plant.

Whangārei’s new, $30m Whau Valley water treatment plant is now officially 100% complete and the Whau Valley dam is 100% full, which bodes well for summer according to Chief Executive Rob Forlong.

Whau Valley Water Treatment Plant

“Whangārei’s strong water infrastructure is the main reason we have had to impose water restrictions only once in the past 10 years, when many other parts of the country have to do it regularly.”

About 60 people involved with the project, including Mayor Sheryl Mai, Councillors, kaumatua, staff and contractors celebrated under-budget and on-time completion and final sign off with a brief ceremony last week.

He said it was a happy coincidence that the dam had reached 100% full mark the same week after running below average all year, reaching a low of 53% in May.

Water supply network and dam levels

“However, I give full credit to staff, contractors and our District ratepayers for the great water situation our District is in. Our District’s far-sighted long term planning, solid saving and the ability to turn plans and funds into results are why Whangārei can celebrate being ahead of so much of the country when it comes to water infrastructure."

Mayor Mai said the project was one any council in New Zealand would be proud to have completed. The new plant treats 22,000 cubic metres a day of raw water from Whau Valley Dam and the Hātea River, using new filtration systems and the latest technology.

It is modern, future-proofed, and will ensure water security for our growing District.