Parking on verges

Published on 17 November 2021

We have recently had complaints from people who have received parking tickets for parking on grass verges or berms in residential areas of our District.

Important infrastructure like pipes for water and sewage, possibly gas and other services like power or cable (fibre) often run alongside roads, under grass verges. We need to protect these for everyone’s sake.

These grassy pieces of land are simpler and cheaper for contractors to dig through to repair assets when needed. The downside of that is that they are not strong enough to protect pipes when people park on top of the verge.

Our bylaw allows officers to issue tickets for parking:

  • on grass verges, damaging the pipes, cables and lines under the ground and the turf on the verges
  • across driveways, blocking residents’ access to their own homes
  • on paths, obstructing foot-path users including people on mobility scooters.

As part of our service review, in 2021 we employed two more parking officers to address concerns raised by the community that these rules were not being complied with outside of the main city centre.

The new Parking Wardens have started and will continue to focus on these areas, especially grass verges and mobility carparks to ensure that the rules are strictly followed - anybody flouting these rules can expect an infringement soon.

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