New speed limits for Waipu South and Langs Beach

Published on 08 December 2021

Photo of a road with the word Slow painted on the road.  Used as the page image.

Spending time on our very popular Langs Beach should be much safer from 10 December this summer, with the speed limit on the beach reduced to 20kph.

This is the first of many speed limit changes to come into force in the Waipu South area, including Waipu Cove and Langs Beach following Council’s adoption of a Report recommending new speed limits.

Northland Transportation Alliance Strategy and Planning Manager, Jeff Devine said the date had been set to ensure that the lower beach speed limit is in place before the peak summer period.

He also reminded drivers that vehicle access onto Langs Beach is restricted to the south-east of the vehicle access point.

"It is important for people to remember that anyone going onto the southeast as part of the beach with a vehicle must not damage the beach, be a nuisance to anyone else, do anything that could be dangerous, or exceed the 20kph speed limit."

He said speed limits in the other parts of the speed limit review area, including Langs Beach urban area, Waipu Cove and Cove Road are expected to come into force in the first half of 2022.

The speed limit review is part of the Government’s Road to Zero National Road Safety Strategy, which will see a rolling review of speed limits on all local roads.

High risk roads and catchment areas will be prioritised in the reviews with a focus on setting safe and appropriate speeds that will lower serious harm and fatal crashes.

Further information and the full Recommendations Report is available on the following page.

Speed Limits Bylaw Reviews