Events bring the buzz to Whangārei

Published on 18 March 2024

Photo of Mayor Vince Cocurullo in the mayoral robe and chains.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of events and activities. We’ve welcomed our first ever cruise ship visitors, celebrated Art Beat along our vibrant waterfront area for the first time, the Northland Pasifika Fusion Festival drew great crowds, and thousands danced the day away at another hugely popular Fritter Festival at Semenoff Stadium.

Our ‘little big city’ is buzzing, and there’s more to come with the NAZCAR Northland Mega Street Sprint on 6 and 7 April bringing two high-octane days of street racing through the central streets of Whangārei, including a hot-rod and custom car show, street food and markets.

These events are only possible thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, community champions and amazing events coordinators. You make our District a vibrant, exciting place to be: thank you!

These events also help attract new people to our District, along with our majestic scenery, our attractive commuting times and our internationally recognised waterfront environment.

Making sure Whangārei can accommodate this growth now and into the future is a major driver of decisions Council has made in its plans for the next 10 years.

A key focus for our capital works programme in the Long Term Plan for 2024-34 is making sure that we are ready for the future. Even though times are tough, we need to take a responsible and forward-thinking approach to accommodate growth and pressures on infrastructure.

This includes looking after the resources and assets we already have. We’ll take on big new projects only when they’re needed to support our District’s growth, or if they are required by central government.

It means we’ll be focusing on replacing and maintaining our existing assets, making sure our roads, footpaths and water pipes and community facilities are up to standard.

We also need to be prepared for the future.  Putting affordable infrastructure in the right places to the correct standards helps achieve that.  Two major projects in the coming 10 years are the Poroti water treatment plant upgrade, which will secure our water supply into the future, and the Ruakākā wastewater treatment expansion, allowing for growth in the Bream Bay area.

Planned projects in years 10-30 are things like a new indoor courts facility, flood protection options for the city centre and upgrades to the Whangārei wastewater treatment plan. Planning for these investments through the LTP will help refine the scope and timing for delivery.

While these projects may seem a long time away, if funding becomes available, we can implement these projects sooner.  Look at today's Whangārei waterfront, that was a project that started 30 years ago. The events run today are only possible thanks to the infrastructure put in place years ago.

It’s now time to talk to us about Whangārei’s future, so that together we can have a strong, resilient, progressive and community focused Whangārei.  Make sure you have your say from 25 March.

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