Future Development Strategy looking to a better tomorrow

Published on 31 January 2024

Strategic Planner Hamish Sykes introduces the Future Development Strategy.

Our Long Term Plan covers 10 years of budgeting, but what comes next?

The Future Development Strategy looks to set out a vision for the Whangārei District over the next 20-30 years, especially concerning the layout of urban and residential development.

Strategic Planner Hamish Sykes says that the draft Future Development Strategy will illustrate "spatial scenarios" as maps for the public to give feedback on during consultation.

Possible scenarios were analysed by central government agencies, key infrastructure providers and members of the Project Working Group at a special collaborative workshop last week.

The options were scored based on criteria including access to opportunities, travel method choices, productive land use, climate resilience, access to local employment, housing choices and other measures.

"This is a very significant planning exercise since it determines where we need to prepare for development in our District. Growth like we are seeing needs to be planned in advance so we can provide the necessary infrastructure to cater for it, like roading, underground pipes and community facilities in resilient locations.”

“We need to think about a lot of different factors as we plan what Whangārei should look like in 2054. When that time rolls around, do we want better public transport? Should Whangārei have more urban centres, central living or more housing along the coast? Questions like these are at the heart of the Future Development Strategy, and why we want to hear from our diverse communities.”

“Given the long timeframe of the Future Development Strategy and the relevance of Whangārei to the region, decisions are likely to have both a regional influence and affect nearly everyone in the District.” We are collaborating with Northland Regional Council on this project. 

The public consultation will open in the first half of 2024. The consultation document will be in plain-language and designed for feedback from the public and other stakeholders.

You can read more on our Future Growth page.

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