E-scooter hire arrives in Whangārei

Published on 15 December 2021

E-scooter hire arrives in Whangārei

Love them or hate them – you’ll soon be seeing quite a few more scooters. Purple, electric e-scooters with matching helmets are coming to our District.

Beam scooters will be running a six month trial in Whangārei starting summer 2021 - 2022, following a Council decision.

The New Zealand owned company is using the expertise it has gained operating e-scooters in several other New Zealand cities, including Auckland and Wellington, to give the operation every chance of success.

Laws in New Zealand permit electric scooters to be used on the footpath, road, or shared paths. It is currently legal to use an e-scooter on Council roads in Whangārei and private scooter owners already use them in Whangārei.

Speed limits

Council has imposed conditions to cover off safety and speed controls in set areas. These include areas where the scooters can be controlled centrally to ensure no riding, or low speeds 10-15km/h, and maximum speed of 25kph. Riders must take a photo of their parked scooter when their ride ends, which will then complete the hire.

Using the e-scooters

Scooters also have built in fallen down sensors to ensure scooters are kept clear of walkways and entrances. All riders are required to complete in-app training before riding a scooter and free helmets are provided. Riders can submit a ‘selfie’ photo of themselves wearing a helmet to earn free credit.

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