Council adopts draft Long Term Plan for public consultation

Published on 21 March 2024

Long Term Plan 2024-34 logo.

On Monday 25 March 2024 Council will call for submissions on its 2024-34 Long Term Plan, which contains the plans and budgets for its work in the District for the next 10 years.

Councillors adopted the 2024-34 Long Term Plan Consultation Document for public feedback at a Council meeting today.

Mayor Cocurullo describes the 10-year budget and programme as a constrained plan that focuses on looking after what we’ve got and managing and providing for growth.

"Like most councils around New Zealand, we have a big gap between our income and expenses. The main causes are inflation, rising construction, insurance and interest costs, and the need to fund infrastructure for growth.

"We need to address the District's funding and infrastructure challenges now, even though times are tough for everyone.

"A general rates increase of 17.2% is needed this year to keep up with the cost of delivering our services, although the impact of this increase will vary depending on what other services the property is rated for."

"We're also asking for your feedback on some options to do things differently,” says Cocurullo.

He said Council was looking for submissions on three specific topics, including whether Council should become a shareholder of economic development agency, Northland Inc, the future of its freedom camping service, and how it manages its commercial property development.

While the capital works programme in the draft 2024-34 Long Term Plan was reduced as part of the budget building process, Council remains committed to investing in the District.

"We need to make sure we are future-ready with better roads and resilient infrastructure.

"Our focus is on replacing and maintaining existing assets, making sure our roads, footpaths, water pipes and community facilities are well kept and functioning well.

"Even though times are tough, we need to take a responsible and forward-thinking approach to accommodating growth and pressures on infrastructure,” says Cocurullo.

"We now need to hear from our community on this plan – and are inviting everyone to have their say in the month-long consultation."

The Consultation Document will be available at the link below and at customer services from 25 March 2024.

Long Term Plan 2024-34