A bright future ahead for five Council cadets

Published on 05 December 2023

Cadets 2023 - William Marsters, Joshua Heape, Treziah Munro,  Rongo Glassie, Tia Leaf-Keen.

Pictured: Whangarei District Council - Council Cadets for 2023-2024: William Marsters, Joshua Heape, Treziah Munro, Rongo Glassie, Tia Leaf-Keen.

Five new Council cadets are hard at work learning skills needed for a lifetime of employment.

After attending a two-month training course they have been placed at Council through the Mayoral Forum’s Council Cadet Scheme.

Roles of our current cadets

One cadet is welcoming visitors to the region at the i-Site, one is using their knowledge and expertise in video editing within the Communications team.

Another is working with community groups with Council’s Community Development team.

The Business Support team is putting one to work around Council buildings, and one cadet is engaging with hapū and iwi partners as a member of the Māori Outcomes team.

More about our Cadetship Programme

The Cadetship Programme was set up by the Mayoral Forum in 2002 to provide training, development and paid work experience for locals aged between 17 and 24.

Under the scheme a group of people is put forward by the Ministry of Social Development to go into our customised two-month cadetship training programme with WorkReady.

During those first two months they find out as much as they can about what it is like to be in a workplace full time and the kind of work Council does. They learn how to make presentations, go through interviews, set goals and generally get ready for work.

While they are going through the crash course we work with them and the training provider to identify their talents and interests and where each person would fit the best.

At first Cadets usually don’t know each other at all – they have a wide range of backgrounds, interests, education and talents and personalities. But over that time we notice how they become quite connected. They develop a shared interest in the programme, working for Council and seeing what it could mean for the future.

Along the way some candidates decide the cadetship programme is not the path for them while others may get jobs or move, so by the end of the first two months we have quite a tight bunch of young colleagues to place at Council.

Counting this year’s intake, 107 young people have been through the programme with us. Over 40 have found either permanent or fixed-term employment with Council, with lots more finding full-time work with other employers over the years.

It’s a very rewarding programme, not just for the Cadets, but also for our teams who mentor them and in return get a fresh perspective on the work Council does.

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