Changes to Whangārei District for Local Elections 2022

Published on 04 May 2022


The way councillors and the mayor are elected in the Whangārei District will be slightly different this year, following representation changes announced by the Local Government Commission (LGC).

While the Local Government Commission confirmed their decision to make changes to our District’s representation, they did not support Council’s final proposal of two district-wide wards, one general and one Māori.

The Commission determined that our District will have six wards in total, with 13 councillors comprised of 11 general ward councillors and two Māori ward councillors elected by ward, plus the Mayor elected at large.

Our new representation arrangements will be:

Five general wards

  • Bream Bay General Ward (2 councillors)
  • Hikurangi - Coastal General Ward (2 councillors)
  • Mangakahia - Maungatapere General Ward (1 councillor)
  • Whangārei Heads General Ward (1 councillor)
  • Whangārei Urban General Ward (5 councillors)

One Māori ward 

  • Whangārei District Māori Ward (2 councillors)

These changes will be in effect for the 2022 Local Elections, in October.

Whangārei Mayor Sheryl Mai was disappointed to hear of the LGC determination, hoping instead for the proposed District-wide ward structure to meet with success.

“I’m disappointed by this decision. I feel that Whangārei is a progressive District and ready for the change in representation that a district-wide ward could bring, but we still have a win to celebrate with the inclusion of our first Whangarei District Māori Ward.”

“Sometimes it just takes a while for the rest of world to catch up.”

Read more about our representation arrangements, or contact our customer services team for help.

Representation Arrangements

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