Apply for a temporary road closure

A temporary road closure is where a road is formally closed for an event, such as a car rally, street procession or other celebrations.

If you are planning to hold an event which means temporarily closing a road (or roads), you will need to submit an application three months before the proposed date. Please note, Council has the ability to cancel or amend the road closure at any time.

The application process

Step 1.Apply to Council in writing

Include the following:

  • details of the event
  • locations and times of the road closure
  • information about your organisation and why the event is being held
  • proof of insurance
  • proof of consultation.

Step 2.Consult with residents and businesses

You must consult all residents and businesses within the proposed road closure area, and others outside the area who may be affected.

It is your responsibility as the applicant to make sure that this consultation is thorough. Proof of consultation activities must be provided to us. If you're not sure on how to manage this process, contact our Venues and Events Team. 

Step 3.Provide proof of insurance

Applicants are to provide proof to us that public liability insurance to the value of $1M is held.

Step 4.Bond and other fees

The event organisers are responsible for the cost of Council inspection before and after the event, for repairing any damage to roads and clearing up all rubbish after the event.

  • a minimum cash bond of $2,000 or a Motorsport Association Bond Agreement for $2,000 minimum may be required. This fee must accompany the road closure application.
  • a fee of $300.00 plus GST is charged for administration of applications for a single temporary road closure.
  • in the case of multiple closure dates requested as a package, $100.00 plus GST is charged for each additional closure date after the first one. This fee may be waived for not for profit events.

Step 5.Submit to Council

All applications for temporary road closures are considered by our Infrastructure Committee. Your bond payment must accompany your application.

Step 6.Notify the public

Council is required to advertise the proposed road closure in the local media.

The first notice details the proposal and asks for any objections.

If there are no objections (or objections have been resolved), a second notice advertises that the road closure will go ahead.

Step 7.Nominate an Event Controller

The applicant must nominate an individual as the event controller who will be available on the day to respond to any problems which come up.

Emergency services must have the ability to access the closed road at all times.

Step 8.Submit a Traffic Management Plan

A Traffic Management Plan, prepared by qualified personnel, must be provided to and approved by us.  The plan covers details such as detours and signage.

The NZTA website has guidance and two different forms, depending on the amount of disruption to public access.

Traffic management information (NZTA website)

We issue a road use consent which gives permission for an event to be held on a public road where no formal closure is necessary.

Applications must be in writing, providing full details including the date and time, the route to be taken and the number of people participating.

A full Traffic Management Plan must be provided and approved by us. 

Traffic Management Plans

The Public Places Bylaw covers the use of public roads.

Public Places Bylaw(PDF, 2MB)