Receive your rates notice by email

Receive rates notices by email

You can receive your:

  • land rates
  • water rates
  • rating valuation notices. 

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Terms and conditions

  1. Applications to receive rates notices by email need to be submitted by one of the current owners / ratepayers as listed on the rates notice.
  2. Applications must be received via our online registration form.
  3. The emailing of the notice will be activated for the next rates instalment or notice.
  4. Council accepts no responsibility for notices that are not delivered due to an invalid email address.
  5. If the email is unable to be sent, a copy of the notice will be posted to the last known postal address and this authorisation will be automatically cancelled.
  6. You must advise Council of any change / cancellation of the email address. It is your responsibility to keep the email address current.
  7. This email authorisation may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of Council. In the event of cancellation your notices will be posted to the last known postal address.
  8. You must continue to keep your current postal address updated with Council.
  9. You acknowledge that nothing in these terms and conditions affects your liability as a ratepayer to pay rates and penalties under the Local Government Rating Act (2002).
  10. Information in this form is collated and used to send your rates notices. Council may use this information to provide other Council services to you and to correspond with you on other Council matters. The collection, use and disclose of this information is subject to the Privacy Act 1993, the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act and the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

Update email address

If you wish to update the email address that your rates notices are being emailed to, please click the following link and select "Update email address".   

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Stop receiving rates notices by email

Stop receiving rates notices by email

It will take up to five working days to cancel your sign-up to receive your notices by email.  

We will send your future notices by post.