Building inspection requirements

Your consent information will set out the inspections required, who will undertake them and the supporting evidence required. 

For example, if ground compaction tests are required, it is up to the owner/project manager to arrange for these tests and certifications to take place.

Any costs are not part of the fees paid to the Council. These are a separate fee paid to the engineer or other professional.

The process

Step 1.Site safety

Site safety is the responsibility of the project manager, contractor or owner.  We ask you to ensure our inspectors are safe while they carry out the inspection.

Safe access to the site and required work areas will also be required on any inspection undertaken by the Council.

Step 2.Booking an inspection

Please book inspections well ahead, to ensure the time is convenient for you and to help us with our planning.

To make a booking, you will need give the following:

  • your Building Consent number
  • the site location/address
  • the name and registration number of the Licensed Building Practitioner (as required) 
  • the name and contact phone number of the person who will be on-site at the time of the inspection.

To book inspections, please contact our Building Department booking office, phone: 09 430 4224.

Step 3.Undertaking the inspection

Please ensure that all consented documents, amendments and relevant paperwork are available on site. If they are not, the inspector will be unable to continue and fail the inspection. You will be required to book another inspection at further cost.

A site representative will need to be present on site during the inspection. This can be the owner, project manager or relevant Licensed Building practitioner for example.

The building inspector will view the work undertaken and discuss any concerns with the person on site. The inspector will either "Pass" or "Fail" the inspection.  

A failed inspection will mean another inspection is required. Re-inspections will be charged at the standard inspection rate at the time.

Step 4.Recording the outcome

The inspector will always issue a Field Advice Notice (FAN) that records the outcome of the inspection.

These will be emailed to the agreed contact person(s). The contact person is responsible for communicating the outcomes of the inspection to others involved in the project.

Step 5.When all works are complete 

The Building Act 2004 requires that you make application for a Code Compliance Certificate once all work related to the project is complete.  

Apply for a Code Compliance Certificate 


It is essential that all inspections are completed, to ensure works have been properly assessed and any remedial works completed before the project continues.

If the inspector is, reasonably satisfied the work is in accordance with the consented plans, the result will be a "Pass".

Sometimes this "Pass" will be conditional. Requiring some outstanding work or additional work to be completed and checked at the next inspection.

If the inspector is not satisfied or the remedial work is too extensive the result will be a "failed" inspection. 

If work does not follow the consented plans or remedial works identified are not undertaken a Notice to Fix may be issued and work stopped until required items have been completed.

If inspectors are unable to view the work, it may become necessary for you to remove materials so the work can be inspected. This can result in additional costs and delays for all concerned.

Failure to complete all the inspections will cause problems later in the project.  It may not be possible to issue the Code Compliance Certificate, for example.

If you wish to make a complaint, please follow the link below. 

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