Papakāinga housing

Papakāinga is a collective form of Māori living. From a land development perspective, papakāinga is generally considered to be communal housing and facilities on ancestral land owned by Māori.

Papakāinga housing in our District

Our District Plan has a chapter dedicated to papākainga, which has provisions to enable papakāinga developments on Māori land.

Papakāinga housing in the District Plan(PDF, 386KB)

Pre-lodgement meetings

If you are undertaking a papakāinga development, we offer pre-lodgement meetings for the project team. These can be helpful in building relationships between Council staff and whanau. They also provide an opportunity to discuss the project and talk though things that will need to be considered (like development engineering and the planning process).

When needed, we can also facilitate staff from the Northland Regional Council to attend the pre-lodgement meeting too.

Please contact us on 09 430 4200 if you would like to request a pre-lodgement meeting.

Te Tai Tokerau Papakāinga toolkit

The Te Tai Tokerau Papakāinga toolkit is designed to help Māori land owners understand and navigate the process for undertaking a papakāinga development on their ancestral lands, including the processes of Council and the Maori Land Court.

Te Tai Tokerau Papakāinga Toolkit(PDF, 3MB)