Whangārei District Plan

Council assesses any resource consent applications based on the rules that are in the District Plan.

To find out what rules and zones apply to your property, follow the link to the GIS website under “Part 4: Appendices and Maps” below. Once you know what zone and rules apply, find the relevant chapters in the Operative and Appeals version of the District Plan below.

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Appeals Version - District Plan

This version of the District Plan contains the objectives, policies and rules that have legal effect and can now be ‘treated as operative’. These provisions have been through the Environment Court appeals process and will be used to assess any resource consent applications.

Any provisions that are highlighted in yellow are still subject to an appeal and are not yet ‘treated as operative’.

The Appeals Version of the District Plan needs to be considered when you are looking at what you can do on your property. 

Chapters within this version of the District Plan will also be updated to reflect formatting, chapter name and map colouring standards, as required by the National Planning Standards.

These changes do not result in the removal of provisions or the amendment of rules. To date, the following sections of the Plan have been updated.

  • Rural Zones
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The following documents make up Part 3 of the Appeals Version District Plan.


Residential Zones

Large Lot Residential Zone(PDF, 180KB)

Low Density Residential Zone(PDF, 631KB)

General Residential Zone(PDF, 736KB)

Medium Density Residential Zone(PDF, 437KB)

Rural Zones

Rural Production Zone(PDF, 660KB)

Rural Lifestyle Zone(PDF, 288KB)

Settlement Zone(PDF, 413KB)

Future Urban Zone(PDF, 406KB)

Strategic Rural Industries Zone(PDF, 388KB)

Commercial and Mixed Use Zones

Local Centre Zone(PDF, 366KB)

Neighbourhood Centre Zone(PDF, 229KB)

Commercial Zone(PDF, 192KB)

Mixed Use Zone(PDF, 247KB)  

City Centre Zone(PDF, 200KB)

Waterfront Zone(PDF, 467KB)

Shopping Centre Zone(PDF, 162KB)

Industrial Zones

Light Industrial Zone(PDF, 578KB)

Heavy Industrial Zone(PDF, 224KB)

Open Space and Recreation Zones

Natural Open Space Zone(PDF, 172KB)

Open Space Zone(PDF, 168KB)

Sport and Active Recreation Zone(PDF, 146KB)

Special Purpose Zones

Airport Zone(PDF, 165KB)

Hospital Zone(PDF, 245KB)

Port Zone(PDF, 466KB)

Marsden Primary Centre(PDF, 2MB)

Ruakaka Equine Zone(PDF, 1013KB)


Precincts(PDF, 284KB)

Development Areas

Port Nikau Development Area(PDF, 220KB)

Port Nikau Development Area Plans (as listed below).  These plans are to be read in conjunction with the Port Nikau Development Area chapter.


About Designations(PDF, 182KB)

Channel Terminal Services Limited(PDF, 170KB)

Chorus(PDF, 311KB)

First Gas Ltd(PDF, 124KB)

KiwiRail Holdings Ltd(PDF, 132KB)

Kordia Ltd(PDF, 135KB)

Meteorological Service of New Zealand(PDF, 125KB)

Minister of Corrections(PDF, 804KB)

Minister of Courts(PDF, 130KB)

Minister of Education(PDF, 804KB)

Minister of Police(PDF, 130KB)

New Zealand Transport Agency(PDF, 151KB)

Northland Regional Council(PDF, 143KB)

Northpower Limited(PDF, 293KB)

Radio New Zealand Limited(PDF, 133KB)

Spark New Zealand(PDF, 177KB)

Transpower New Zealand Limited(PDF, 138KB)

Whangarei District Council(PDF, 1MB)

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Operative District Plan

The Operative District Plan is the document that sets out the objectives, policies and rules about how land in the Whangārei District can be used, developed and subdivided.

The plan focuses on managing the sustainable use, development or protection of land and other natural and physical resources.

The current District Plan became operative on 3 May 2007. To ensure it stays current with constantly changing science, legislation and community values chapters of the plan are reviewed once every 10 years. 

Part 2: District Wide Matters

The following documents make up Part 2 of the Operative District Plan.

Energy, Infrastructure and Transport

Road Transport Policies(PDF, 60KB)

Road Transport Environment Rules(PDF, 366KB)

Critical Electricity Lines and Substations(PDF, 465KB)

Network Utility Operations Policies(PDF, 235KB)

Network Utilities(PDF, 180KB)

Hazards and Risks

Contaminated Sites Policies(PDF, 55KB)

Contaminated Sites Rules(PDF, 25KB)

Natural Hazards Policies(PDF, 67KB)

Natural Hazard Resource Area Rules(PDF, 193KB)

Hazardous Substances Policies(PDF, 88KB)

Historical and Cultural Values

Historic Heritage(PDF, 423KB) (includes Built Heritage)

Notable and Public Trees(PDF, 293KB)

Sites of Significance to Māori Resource Area Rules(PDF, 247KB)

Tangata Whenua Policies(PDF, 289KB)

Natural Environment Rules

Indigenous Vegetation and Habitat Policies(PDF, 326KB)

Riparian and Coastal Margins Policies(PDF, 299KB)

Water Bodies Policies(PDF, 38KB)

Esplanade Area Rules(PDF, 97KB)

Landscapes and Features(PDF, 671KB)

Minerals(PDF, 406KB) (includes QRA - Quarrying Resource Areas)


Subdivision and Development Policies(PDF, 225KB)

Introduction to Subdivision Rules(PDF, 281KB)

Living 1, 2 and 3 Subdivision Rules(PDF, 487KB)

Business 1, 2, 3, 4, Town Basin, Marsden Point Port, Port Nikau, Airport Subdivision Rules(PDF, 242KB)

Open Space Sub Environment Subdivision Rules(PDF, 29KB)

Future Environments Subdivision Rules(PDF, 483KB)

General District Wide Matters

Coastal Area(PDF, 161KB)

Noise and Vibration(PDF, 330KB)

Genetically Modified Organisms(PDF, 285KB)

Built Form and Development Policies(PDF, 320KB)

Management Plan Technique(PDF, 110KB)

Amenity Values Policies(PDF, 383KB)

Part 3: Area Specific Matters

The following documents make up Part 3 of the Operative District Plan.


Residential Environments

Living 1, 2 and 3 Environment Rules(PDF, 329KB)

Rural Environments

Rural Area Rules(PDF, 252KB)

Rural Production Environment Rules(PDF, 391KB)

Rural Living Environment Rules(PDF, 147KB)

Rural Village Environment Rules(PDF, 149KB)

Rural (Urban Expansion) Environment Rules(PDF, 360KB)

Strategic Rural Industries Environment Rules(PDF, 287KB)

Urban Transition Environment Rules(PDF, 294KB)

Commercial / Industry Environments

Town Basin Environment Policies(PDF, 291KB)

Town Basin Environment Rules(PDF, 999KB)

Business 1 Environment Rules(PDF, 470KB)

Business 2 Environment Rules(PDF, 422KB)

Business 3 Environment Rules(PDF, 279KB)

Business 4 Environment Rules(PDF, 316KB)

Open Space Environments

Open Space Policies(PDF, 96KB)

Open Space Environment Rules(PDF, 250KB)

Special Purpose Environments

Whangarei Airport Policies(PDF, 64KB)

Airport Environment Rules(PDF, 383KB)

Marsden Point Port Environment Rules(PDF, 413KB)

Marsden Point Port Environment Policies(PDF, 77KB)

Marsden Primary Centre(PDF, 2MB)

Ruakaka Equine Environment(PDF, 1MB)

Kamo Walkability Environment(PDF, 1MB)

Future Environment Rules(PDF, 499KB)

Port Nikau Environment(PDF, 1MB)

Papakāinga(PDF, 386KB)


Scheduled Activities or Overlay Areas(PDF, 79KB)

Scheduled Activities Environment Rules(PDF, 463KB)


About Designations(PDF, 201KB)

Chorus(PDF, 344KB)

First Gas Ltd(PDF, 159KB)

Kiwi Rail Holdings Ltd(PDF, 132KB)

Kordia Limited(PDF, 173KB)

Meteorological Service of New Zealand(PDF, 160KB)

Minister of Corrections(PDF, 162KB)

Minister of Courts(PDF, 166KB)

Minister of Education(PDF, 928KB)

Minister of Police(PDF, 178KB)

New Zealand Transport Agency(PDF, 196KB)

Northland Regional Council(PDF, 182KB)

Northpower Limited(PDF, 380KB)

Radio New Zealand(PDF, 170KB)

Refining New Zealand(PDF, 188KB)

Spark New Zealand(PDF, 232KB)

Transpower New Zealand(PDF, 177KB)

Whangarei District Council(PDF, 1MB)

Part 4: Appendices and Maps

The following make up Part 4 of the Operative District Plan.


Appendix 1: Building Line Restrictions(PDF, 248KB)

Appendix 4: Sites of Significance to Māori(PDF, 76KB)

Appendix 5: Esplanade Priority Areas(PDF, 339KB)

Appendix 6: Road Transport(PDF, 504KB)

Appendix 7: Town Basin Preliminary Design Concepts(PDF, 263KB)

Appendix 8a: Use, Storage and On-Site Movement of Hazardous Substances(PDF, 507KB)

Appendix 8b: Use, Storage and On-Site Movements of Hazardous Substances - Procedures(PDF, 66KB)

Appendix 8c: Base Quantities for Use and Storage of Hazardous Substances(PDF, 50KB)

Appendix 8d: Rating Criteria for Storage of Hazardous Substances(PDF, 79KB)

Appendix 9: Engineering Performance Standards(PDF, 121KB)

Appendix 11: Daylight Angles(PDF, 253KB)

Appendix 12: Signs in the Business 2 and 3 Environments(PDF, 165KB)

Appendix 15: Artificial Lighting(PDF, 58KB)

District Plan Maps

The District Plan maps are arranged in three series: 


Environments (formerly called zones) show the areas that the District is divided into. Every part of the District is in an Environment.

Each map in the Environments and Resource Areas series covers the same geographical area. 

The Environments maps also show:

  • Designations
  • Road Hierarchy
  • Indicative Roads
  • Scheduled Activities and Overlay Areas (where deviations to the plan are identified).


Resource Areas show areas that are specially managed for various reasons.

Each map in the Environments and Resource Areas series covers the same geographical area.


Coastal Areas show the Coastal Area, Outstanding Natural Character Area and the High Natural Character Area.

The Coastal Areas maps only cover the geographical area they relate to.

Please use the following link to view the District Plan maps on our GIS website.

District Plan Map (gismaps.wdc.govt.nz)