Part 3: Area Specific Matters

The following documents make up Part 3 of the Appeals Version District Plan.


Residential Zones

Large Lot Residential Zone(PDF, 180KB)

Low Density Residential Zone(PDF, 631KB)

General Residential Zone(PDF, 736KB)

Medium Density Residential Zone(PDF, 437KB)

Rural Zones

Rural Production Zone(PDF, 660KB)

Rural Lifestyle Zone(PDF, 288KB)

Settlement Zone(PDF, 413KB)

Future Urban Zone(PDF, 406KB)

Strategic Rural Industries Zone(PDF, 388KB)

Commercial and Mixed Use Zones

Local Centre Zone(PDF, 366KB)

Neighbourhood Centre Zone(PDF, 229KB)

Commercial Zone(PDF, 192KB)

Mixed Use Zone(PDF, 247KB)  

City Centre Zone(PDF, 200KB)

Waterfront Zone(PDF, 467KB)

Shopping Centre Zone(PDF, 162KB)

Industrial Zones

Light Industrial Zone(PDF, 578KB)

Heavy Industrial Zone(PDF, 224KB)

Open Space and Recreation Zones

Natural Open Space Zone(PDF, 172KB)

Open Space Zone(PDF, 168KB)

Sport and Active Recreation Zone(PDF, 146KB)

Special Purpose Zones

Airport Zone(PDF, 165KB)

Hospital Zone(PDF, 245KB)

Port Zone(PDF, 466KB)

Marsden Primary Centre(PDF, 2MB)

Ruakaka Equine Zone(PDF, 1013KB)


Precincts(PDF, 284KB)

Development Areas

Port Nikau Development Area(PDF, 220KB)

Port Nikau Development Area Plans (as listed below).  These plans are to be read in conjunction with the Port Nikau Development Area chapter.


About Designations(PDF, 182KB)

Channel Terminal Services Limited(PDF, 170KB)

Chorus(PDF, 311KB)

First Gas Ltd(PDF, 124KB)

KiwiRail Holdings Ltd(PDF, 132KB)

Kordia Ltd(PDF, 135KB)

Meteorological Service of New Zealand(PDF, 125KB)

Minister of Corrections(PDF, 804KB)

Minister of Courts(PDF, 130KB)

Minister of Education(PDF, 804KB)

Minister of Police(PDF, 130KB)

New Zealand Transport Agency(PDF, 151KB)

Northland Regional Council(PDF, 143KB)

Northpower Limited(PDF, 293KB)

Radio New Zealand Limited(PDF, 133KB)

Spark New Zealand(PDF, 177KB)

Transpower New Zealand Limited(PDF, 138KB)

Whangarei District Council(PDF, 1MB)