District Plan Operative in Part 2022


The Whangārei District Plan 2022 is operative in part pending resolution of Plan Change 91.

Chapters in this District Plan have been updated to reflect formatting, chapter names and map colouring standards as required by the National planning Standards. These changes do not result in the removal of provisions or the amendments of rules.

As we are following a rolling review process to keep the District Plan current, the plan includes annotations within the text and maps to indicate where certain chapters, sections or rules are subject to Proposed Plan Changes and / or Appeals.

Current plan changes

Council Seal of Approval(PDF, 45KB)

Council assesses any resource consent applications based on the rules that are in the District Plan.

To find out what rules and zones apply to your property, follow the instructions on the below page. 

What zone is my property in and what rules apply?

Part 3: Area Specific Matters

The following documents make up Part 3 of the District Plan Operative in Part 2022.



Precincts(PDF, 3MB)

Development Areas

Port Nikau Development Area(PDF, 364KB)

The following plans should be read in conjunction with the Port Nikau Development Area chapter above.

Plan Set A - General(PDF, 27MB)

Plan Set B -Town Centre(PDF, 3MB)

Plan Set C – Typology Site Plans(PDF, 16MB)

Plan Set D - Eastern Harbour Edge (Area A) – Lot Plans(PDF, 11MB)

Plan Set E - Streetscape Elevations(PDF, 502KB)

Plan Set F - Typology Plans and Elevations(PDF, 34MB)

Plan Set G - Eastern Harbour Edge (Area A) Floor Plans(PDF, 27MB)

Plan Set H - Street Sections(PDF, 2MB) 


About Designations(PDF, 187KB)

Channel Terminal Services Limited(PDF, 140KB)

Chorus Limited(PDF, 245KB)

First Gas Limited(PDF, 134KB)

KiwiRail Holdings Limited(PDF, 133KB)

Kordia Limited(PDF, 138KB)

Meteorological Service of New Zealand(PDF, 130KB)

Minister of Corrections(PDF, 126KB)

Minister of Courts(PDF, 149KB)

Minister of Education(PDF, 606KB)

Minister of Police(PDF, 142KB)

New Zealand Transport Agency(PDF, 155KB)

Northland Regional Council(PDF, 139KB)

Northpower Limited(PDF, 274KB)

Radio New Zealand Limited(PDF, 139KB)

Spark New Zealand Limited(PDF, 169KB)

Transpower New Zealand Limited(PDF, 138KB)

Whangarei District Council(PDF, 1MB)

Part 4: Maps

The following make up Part 4 of the District Plan Operative in Part 2022. The District Wide Matters Maps are subject to Plan Change 1.

Map Index(PDF, 721KB)

Map Legend(PDF, 300KB)

District-Wide Matters(PDF, 30MB)

Area Specific Matters(PDF, 15MB)

Please use the following link to view the District Plan maps on our GIS website.

District Plan GIS Map