Report animal problem

In the Whangarei district there are between 450 and 500 reported dog attacks and occurrences of dog rushing every year.

Please report rushing or dog attacks to our Animal Management team on 09 430 4200.

Providing this information is important and will support any action taken against the dog or the owner in the future. It also helps us monitor dog control issues in Whangarei. 

If you have been attacked you should seek medical attention immediately, especially if skin has been broken.

No matter how well you know a dog or how friendly the dog looks, any dog is capable of attacking and causing you serious harm. Dogs can attack when they feel provoked, nervous or when they think their owner might be threatened.

It’s important to know how to behave around dogs:

  • don't approach or run away from a dog
  • don't use fast or sudden movements
  • don't look directly into a dog's eyes or lean over the dog (these are dominant behaviours)
  • always ask the owner first if you want to pat their dog

Always be mindful of young children around dogs. If a dog appears threatening, back away slowly and try to keep a defensive barrier between you and the dog, but don't use anything as a weapon.

Dogs are able to kill kiwi in all life stages and are the number one killers of adult kiwis in Northland.

Dogs of all sizes, breeds and training find the strong distinctive scent of kiwi irresistible and easy to track, they can catch and kill kiwi in seconds and it can happen during the day as well as at night. Kiwi are particularly vulnerable near clusters of human settlement, including subdivisions, if there are no dog restrictions, and in more isolated areas where pigs are hunted and dogs are sometimes lost.  

Many residents are unaware of where kiwi live, the scale of the dog threat, or the ease with which dogs can kill and the fact that any dog can kill a kiwi. Awareness among dog owners is key to protecting kiwi from dogs.

Find more information about the district's biodiversity and what you can do to protect kiwi.

Save kiwi in Whangarei(PDF, 709KB)

Biodiversity Strategy

The Dog Control Act 1996 requires all Councils to report annually on the outcomes associated with key areas identified by Section 10A of the Act.

Dog Control Reports