Updated Coastal Hazard Maps for Whangārei

Published on 19 April 2021

Coastal Hazards

Northland Regional Council (NRC) is updating its Coastal Hazard maps and letters have been sent to affected Whangārei property owners in these areas.

Whangarei District Council Senior Planner District Plan Evan Cook says Coastal Hazard Maps have been in place for many years and are used by local councils to minimise development risks.

“Coastal Hazard Maps are used by Council to understand and manage coastal erosion and coastal flooding hazards in Whangārei. The maps inform our District Plan and our new climate change adaptation planning programme of work. They are used to help manage where and how development occurs and manage risks, for example, in resource consents and building consents processes. They are also shown on property information reports (PIMs and LIMs).”

“Once the new maps are finalised by NRC, there will be an upcoming District Plan change for the Whangārei District. The plan change will go through a public consultation process to determine the rules that will apply in the areas identified in the Coastal Hazard Maps. Affected property owners will be contacted directly by mail advising them of this process. The plan change will also be publicly notified in local newspapers and on our website.”

The NRC periodically updates Coastal Hazard Maps as new information and technology becomes available. 

There is a three-month feedback period before the maps are finalised in mid-July, and people should get in touch with NRC directly to discuss any technical aspects of the maps. 

You can find out more about Coastal Hazards Maps on the NRC website using the link below:

Coastal Hazard Maps