Boost to Whangārei’s fast-growing shared path network

Published on 14 April 2021

Kamo Cycleway opening

A Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment’s (MBIE’s) $6 million boost to Whangārei’s fast-growing shared path network will kick the next stage of the network into gear next week.

Northland Transport Alliance’s Procurement and Projects Manager Rachael Mannion said the funding was part of the Covid recovery package, intended to achieve social and environmental objectives within tight timeframes.

Ventia NZ Operations Ltd has been awarded the $300,000 contract to develop a stretch of path from the Kamo Shared Path at Lupton Avenue, along Kensington Avenue, under the phoenix palms to the stadium entrance. 

From there shared path users will be able to cross Kensington Avenue to follow the stretch of the path that connects to Powhiri Avenue.

“The objective of the shared path network is to connect places where people congregate, to improve social flow around our District and provides safe, non-vehicle transport options which are better for health and the environment,” Ms Mannion said.

“The work beginning next week will connect the Kamo Shared Path with Kensington Stadium, Kensington Park and Western Hills Drive. The existing path on the northern side of Kensington Avenue will be upgraded to at least 2m width and safe crossing points will go in at Park Avenue and at the Stadium entrance.

“A boardwalk will be created through the Kauri Grove in Kensington Park, replacing the narrow concrete path that is there now. The boardwalk will be better for the roots of the Kauri trees and will help prevent the spread of Kauri die-back.

“Way-finding signs and planting around the stadium entranceway will improve the look and feel of the area.”

Ms Mannion said the contractors were very aware of the winter sports season coming up. “We will do our upmost to ensure minimal disruption on Saturdays during winter sports.”

Other work to be completed over the next 18 months to two years will include the Tikipunga Cycle Trail that was started last year when worker re-deployment funding was obtained (Tikipunga Cycle Trail, Stage 2) and upgrading a portion of the existing Raumanga Shared Path from Tarewa intersection to Bernard Street (Raumanga Shared Path) and completing the path through to Cafler Park to connect with the CBD and Kamo Shared Path.

Outcomes MBIE is looking for through this funding include creating new employment, preserving jobs and redeploying workers in communities and within the infrastructure sector hit by COVID-19. 

The funding aims to encourage investment in a more productive, sustainable and inclusive economy, enabling regions to grow and support a modern and connected New Zealand.