Private Plan Change 150 - Notification of summary of submissions

Submissions closed on 12 February 2021, 04:00 PM

Whangarei District Council gives notice that it has prepared a summary of all decisions requested by people making submissions on the following proposed plan change: 

Plan Change PC150 - Marsden City Limited Partnership

Private Plan Change 150 by Marsden City Limited Partnership seeks to:

  • delete the Marsden Primary Centre Environment (MPC) Chapter in the Operative District Plan.
  • reduce the industrial focus of the Marsden Primary Centre Environment which will increase available residential land to support the development of a sustainable and viable town centre.
  • propose zones from the Council’s recent Urban and Services Plan Changes as underlying zones.
  • insert a special purpose Marsden Town Centre Zone that is intended to apply to the higher order town centre in the north western portion of Marsden City.
  • apply a Marsden City Precinct with provisions aimed at coordinating development with the delivery of transport infrastructure, and a street network that provides for walking and cycling.
  • apply consequential changes to other Chapters of the Operative District Plan, such as the Noise and Vibration and Urban Form and Development Chapters.

It is the applicant’s vision that the Plan Change will provide a viable and sustainable town centre in the Ruakākā / Marsden Point area which integrates with surrounding commercial, mixed use and residential uses.

Further submissions closed at 4:00pm on 12 February 2021.

Public inspection

The summary of submissions may be inspected from 20 January 2021 onwards on this website and at:

  • Whangarei District Council Service Centre, Forum North, Rust Avenue, Whangārei
  • Ruakākā Service Centre, Takutai Place, Ruakākā
  • Whangārei Central Library, Rust Avenue, Whangārei. 

Plan Change 150 proposal

Please contact Council's District Plan Department if you have any questions about the proposal.

Further submissions

Any person representing a relevant aspect of the public interest; any person who has an interest in the proposed plan change greater than the interest that the general public has; and Whangarei District Council itself may make further submissions.

A further submission must be limited to a matter in support or in opposition to the relevant submission.

The person making a further submission must within five (5) working days of making the further submission to Council, serve a copy of the further submission on the submitter to which the further submission relates.

Further submissions can be made in writing or electronically.

Further submissions must be in Form 6, or a similar format that complies with Resource Management Act Regulations 2003.

Copies of this form are available on the Council’s website, at the locations listed above, or by contacting Council’s District Plan Department.

This notice is given pursuant to Clause 7 of the First Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991.