Ruakākā seawall construction (Princes Rd)

  • Project typeParks
  • Project value$360,000
  • Project scheduleCompleted in September 2021
  • Contractor nameHubands Contractors Limited
Aerial map showing location of Princes Road seawall, Ruakaka.

Improvement works on Princes Road foreshore in Bream Bay will help with erosion protection.

Local contractor Huband Contractors started construction in April 2021 and completed in September 2021.

What has improved?

  • Old concrete structures have been removed,
  • stormwater culverts have been replaced,
  • a new rock revetment wall has been constructed and backfilled,
  • steps have been installed,
  • grass area has been lifted to reduce stormwater ponding.

The $360,000 seawall construction strengthened the eroding foreshore, and in some areas has replaced existing storm protection.

Storms and the rising sea level meant tides had started over-topping and damaging the bank, carving away the shore and encroaching into the roots of Pohutukawa trees.

Who was involved?

The public, Whangarei District Council Planners, consulting engineers and an arborist worked together to come up with a design to keep the Pohutukawa trees and give them the best possible chance to survive.

The construction followed requirement consents from Northland Regional Council, Whangarei District Council and the Heritage New Zealand Archaeological Authority, and was completed by local company Huband Contractors.

Final steps

Minor works, such as handrail installation and removal of sediment controls are also complete.