Ruakākā safety improvements - Peter Snell Road

  • Project typeRoading improvement
  • Project value$550,000
  • Project scheduleExpected completion: early December 2022
  • Contractor nameVentia
An inset showing extent of roadworks on Peter Snell Road.

Safety concerns at the northern end of Peter Snell Road, between the shopping centre and Bream Bay High School, are being addressed by major changes to the road’s layout.

The $550,000 job has been awarded to Ventia. Works that started on 1 October 2022 include:

  • installing new raised platforms
  • lighting
  • zebra crossings
  • new kerb and channel
  • improved footpaths
  • new road marking

This will provide stronger information to road users about the need for care in the area. New road markings will ultimately extend the full-length of Peter Snell Road changing the current layout and introducing a new one.

The Road to Zero safety project’s aim is reduce vehicle speeds around the school to comply with national speed limit changes recently implemented by Central government and responds to a petition signed by about 170 locals.

A map showing roadworks on Peter Snell Road.

Details of improvement works

The new zebra crossings will be on raised platforms across Peter Snell Road between the school and the shops.

An avenue of phoenix palms (now considered noxious weed species) will also be removed.

The existing slip lane from Marsden Point Road into the Peter Snell Road will be removed to reduce vehicle speeds and provide for more on-road parking on Marden Point Road outside the shopping centre.

Peter Snell Road will be reduced to a single lane in each direction and the space previously occupied by two outer lanes will be used for new bus parking. New angled parking will be installed along Peter Snell Road for the sports parks, local skate area and school (overflow parking for the shopping centre as well).

New lighting will be installed to support improved pedestrian crossing facilities. Over the next few months Council’s team will be consulting with the community about further safety work including investigating on-road cycle lanes.

A large electronic sign board will be placed in the area over the next few days to advise locals of the upcoming disruption and changes to lane layouts during the work.


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