Rewa Rewa roadworks 2021

  • Project typeRoad upgrade
  • Project value$1.6 million
  • Project scheduleFrom 5 May till June 2021
Rewa Rewa road detour map

A $1.6 million upgrade of the surface of Rewa Rewa Road will start on 5 May 2021.

This level of rehabilitation is done every 25 years or so. It involves full replacement of underlining layers of a road – the road is dug back to remove unsuitable material and each layer replaced before a final surfacing layer. A rehabilitation is needed where other forms of maintenance and renewal are no longer economic. 

Rewa Rewa Road connects State Highway One with the centre of Whangārei via an industrial area. It carries at least 15,000 vehicles a day. At least 25% of which (about 3,500) are heavy vehicles.

Detour information

Rewa Rewa road detour map

Please avoid using Rewa Rewa Road as a through-road, and only use it if tending to business that cannot be reached another way. Please access Porowini Avenue, Okara Drive or Riverside Drive through the city route instead. If using Rewa Rewa Road or Kioreroa Road please allow for delays.

The construction work will be carried out between 5 May 2021 and June 2021 (Weather and other factors permitting):

  • Monday to Friday - 6:30pm to 6:00am
  • Weekends - Saturday 6:00am to Monday 6:00am 

During the day the road will be reduced to two narrowed lanes with a 30kph speed limit, stop/go controls may be used to allow turning movements into properties to keep through traffic flowing. 

There will be no parking along the stretches of road being worked on during the project. 

Rewa Rewa Road traffic will be able to travel in both directions during the day works but there will be queuing. Temporary detours will be put in place for side streets when needed.

To reduce traffic delays, contractors will rebuild one side of the road, in short sections, before starting on the other side.  

Over the past month discussions on how to minimise the disruption to industry has been sought directly from those businesses along the route, and on side streets. The general attitude has been one of acceptance of the much-needed improvement work.


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