Pohe Island destination playground

  • Project typeDevelopment
  • Project schedule2022
  • Contractor nameUnited Civil Construction
Pohe Island playground

An area next to the Hātea Loop and the new Pohe Island skatepark will be home to an exciting destination playground. 

Contractors United Civil Construction are working on the project.

An image showing development work at Pohe Island playground.

Once finished, the playground will be a destination play experience for locals and visitors alike, featuring climbing structures, slides, a large sandpit, many swings, new toilets and space to run around.

To complement the new Town Basin playground, the Pohe Island destination playground will provide more adventurous play on a much larger scale.

Parking for the new playground will be available at the large 272-space Pohe Island carpark, accessed off Riverside Drive.

The playground will be completed in 2022.


William Fraser Memorial Park, Parihaka 0110  View Map

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