Improvements to Parua Bay’s emergency wastewater storage

  • Project typeImprovement work
  • Project value$7.5 million
View of bays in Whangarei from Mount Manaia.

We are replacing the wastewater storage tank at the Ritchie Road Wastewater Pump Station to cope better with extreme heavy rainfall.

During storms, the sewer system gets flooded with stormwater and the pump station can’t cope, causing the risk of overflows into the environment. On average, these overflows happen between once and twice a year.

To stop this from happening we are going to build a bigger storage tank to store the extra water until the pump station can process it. The current tank can store 1000m3 and the new tank will be able to store 1500m3.

Technical drawing - Parua Bay Emergency Wastewater(PDF, 3MB)

How does stormwater get into the sewer system?

Stormwater gets into the system through faulty or broken pipes and manholes, as well as illegal private stormwater connections to the sewer system.

We are also working to locate faulty and broken pipes and illegal connections in Parua Bay using CCTV and smoke testing. We will fix these as they are found.


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