One Tree Point seawall construction (Pyle Road West)

  • Project typeParks
  • Project value$598,138.70 excluding GST
  • Project scheduleExpected completion end Nov 2021 (delays caused by COVID-19)
  • Contractor nameVentia (NZ operations)
A photo showing the section of seawall to be replaced at One Tree Point.

This project will replace an existing timber wall with a more durable and low maintenance option suitable for the coastal environment and create a walkway along the top of the esplanade.

The works will involve removal of approximately 430m of existing timber seawall, construction of a new rock revetment seawall, extension and refurbishment of existing boat ramps; one at the end of Pyle Road West and another along the seawall, constructing a pedestrian access ramp on to the adjacent esplanade reserve from Pyle Road West Road, and minor upgrade works to two culverts. Existing access points to the beach will be retained.

To reduce the environmental impact and the amount of beach area the wall will occupy, there will be no footpath constructed along the top of the seawall. Reducing the size of the wall reduces the cost for both construction and long-term maintenance.

The project will open up the esplanade reserve above the seawall for walkers, creating an informal grass walkway along its length by removing any barriers such as fences and hedges, defining private property boundaries, and installing signage. This grassed area will have improved access via a walking access ramp from the Pyle Road West end.

Further information

  • Whangarei District Council and Northland Regional Council resource consents have been obtained.
  • Treescape are the nominated subcontractor to monitor works within rootzones.
  • Patuharakeke hapu will provide cultural monitoring throughout the project.
  • An archaeological authority has been obtained as some works are close to archaeological sites. An archaeologist will monitor works at these sites.