Lovers Lane boardwalk and path

  • Project typeNew boardwalk and path
  • Project value$613,412
  • Project scheduleJune 2024 to September 2024
  • Contractor nameBDX Group
A detailed plan showing the areas of the new boardwalk and path linking Lovers lane Bridge to Raumanga Shared Path.

View the full Lovers Lane boardwalk and path landscape map in PDF(PDF, 3MB)

Construction will begin in June 2024 on the path and boardwalk connecting the newly constructed Lovers Lane Bridge to the Raumanga Shared Path at Second Ave. 

The path will be 4m wide, consistent with the other shared path standards around the city. Together with the boardwalk, it will provide a valuable connection between the Avenues and the CBD. 

The boardwalk itself will be an elevated platform made from fibre reinforced polyethylene with a balustrade design consistent with the Lovers Lane Bridge.

The adjacent Lovers Lane is currently under construction and this, along with the connection into Cafler Park, will be completed in November 2024. 


Cafler Park, Whangārei 0110  View Map

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