Lovers Lane bridge replacement

  • Project typeImprovement work
  • Project value$1.9 million
  • Project scheduleEnd July 2023 - early 2024
  • Contractor nameCANAM
Concept design of the new bridge across Lovers Lane.

Lover’s Lane bridge between Cafler Park and Second Avenue in central Whangārei will be demolished and replaced between 26 July 2023 and early 2024.

During the work, the bridge will be closed and the work area will be cordoned off, preventing access between:

  • Second Avenue and the Central Library,
  • Forum North and Te Iwitahi
  • other locations on Rust Avenue.

Detours will be clearly marked.  Access to Cafler Park from the end of First Avenue will be retained.

Map showing detour routes during replacement of Lovers Lane bridge.

Image:  the red dotted line shows fencing within Cafler Park and surrounding areas, which are inaccessible.  The dotted yellow line shows the preferred detour which is along Central Avenue into First Avenue.  The solid yellow line shows a detour through the south side of Cafler Park, along a path with a steep gradient in one location.

What to expect

Noise and heavy machinery will be on-site during working hours.

  • In coming weeks, a crane will be delivered in 13 pieces to the worksite from the Rust Avenue side of the Waiarohia stream.
  • Over the next five to six months the bridge, including the support in the middle of the waterway, will be dismantled and removed.
  • Some trees will also be removed.
  • The new bridge will be delivered from the Rust Avenue side of the stream to the working area beside the stream.
  • The components of the bridge will be lowered into place by crane.

Update from August

The old Lover’s Lane bridge has been demolished and is ready for a complete rebuild. 

Demolition of the old Lovers Lane bridge.

A beautiful new bridge

Te Parawhau hapū and our designers have collaborated to come up with a new design that reflects the culture, history and environment of the area, something meaningful and beautiful that people will go out of their way to see in future.

The work also allows the water flow to be improved with the central abutment removed and new ones will be built on either side of the Waiarohia Stream.

As part of the Raumanga shared path extension the bridge will be wider, giving users better views, and have higher sides to keep cyclists safe. Future Cafler Park upgrades will add to the picture over time.

The $1.9 million project is being job has been funded through our Neighbourhood and Public Garden Renewals budget and Waka Kotahi’s Shared Paths funding.

Bridge was designed by Hawthorne Geddes, the Lead contractor is Canam, the bridge is being made by Culham Engineering and Boffa Miskell are in charge of Landscape Design. 


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